How to Craft the Perfect Marketing Email

Marketing emails can be an incredibly powerful tool in your sales arsenal, but you need to get the wording and structure right.

People often find their inboxes flooded with marketing emails, so how do you ensure yours stands out? You don't want customers unsubscribing or not clicking through. If you want to make sure they click through, read and then act, there's a perfect template you can follow.

Start with a subject line which will make them curious, which could mean asking them a question rather than making a statement. You could also try using numbers, because people respond well to things like 'top three' or 'top ten' subject lines, and you're more likely to pique their interest this way.

People are naturally drawn to images, so using visuals is a good way to catch their eye. That said, you don't want them to feel overwhelmed, which is why you should try and limit the number of images you include to three or four, and make them clickable.

The copy itself should be kept short and sweet. Emails of around 20 lines in length get the highest number of click throughs, and people can be turned off if they see a long email and don't have the time to read it.

The text should round off with a call to action, something to prompt the reader into doing what you hope the email will achieve. That could be something along the lines of 'take advantage of this limited time offer by placing your order today.

When you send your email, make sure they know who it's from at a glance, by using your company name and branding. Familiarity makes people trust you and click through.


Have an intriguing subject line
Use images
Keep the text under 20 lines
Finish with a call to action
Use your company name and branding