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Decision Making & Problem Solving

Feel more confident in solving issues and making important decisions after reading the experiences of leaders who have been there before.

Organisation Skills & Time Management

The only resource you can’t create more of...time! How to organise your professional life to get the most out of the working week.

Creativity & Adaptability

Unlock your creative potential with these Eqwippd strategies while also learning how to adapt to business curveballs such as resolving bullying in the workplace.

Communication & Teamwork

How to effectively communicate both internally and externally, whether launching a new marketing campaign to customers or navigating sensitive team issues.


That all adults understand and embody the soft skills required to maximise livelihood through employment. Our goal is to improve livelihoods through accessible quality soft-skills education to maximise rewarding employment in the long term.


We exist to equip & empower all adults in the global market with the relevant soft skills to maximise job satisfaction & performance, to thrive in the workplace and in life. Our objective is to go to younger audiences as well, with a focus on marginalised audiences.


eqwippd delivers career-essential actionable soft skills education through our own content and tools. Our education product platform has been built for free and fair access.

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Start-ups and Business

Whether you're a shiny new start-up or an experienced, established business, harness eqWIPPD's wisdom to help your company grow.


Management and Leadership

Discover the awesome power of strong leadership and management styles, through a range of bite-sized modules.


Commercial and Sales

 Explore all things selling-related and enjoy eqWIPPD's in-depth knowledge of the commercial world.


Business Operations

Become a sleeker, more efficient organisation, with modules to enlighten you on the best business operations.


Professional and Business Etiquette

Ensure you maintain the highest professional standards both here and around the world, thanks to this incredible range of short modules.


Soft Skills

We can all benefit from becoming more rounded individuals, so enhance your soft skillset with top tips from eqWIPPD.


Career Developmen

Forge the career you've always dreamed of, with a range of modules designed to help you reach those long-term goals.



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