How to Showcase Your Skills at a Group Interview

Being interviewed with a group of other qualified candidates can be nerve-wracking. Prepare well so your confidence shines through!

Some companies host group interviews simply because it saves time when they have a lot of candidates to go through. If it's a large company doing a mass hiring, it helps them quickly narrow down the applicant pool and also choose those who will work well together. Another reason some use this method is because it does put you under intense pressure. If the job is high stress and requires thinking on your feet, an interview like this gives employers a chance to see how you'll respond to the environment.

Being prepared for the types of questions you'll be asked will help you remain calm. The questions are often standard ones such as “How would you describe yourself?” “How would friends/colleagues/supervisors describe you?” “Why are you interested in our company?” “What are your career goals?”, etc. Since you're directly competing with other candidates, practise ahead of time so your answer goes smoothly, and try to make it unique. You don't want to repeat the same cliché as everyone else.

Some group interviews may include teamwork exercises where the entire group works together on a sample task or project. This can be a challenge, but strive to get along well with everyone while showing leadership qualities. After the task, questions might include “What challenges did the team face in working together?” “Who was the strongest member of this team?” “How did the team come together to complete the task?” Be careful what you say about the other team members; stay positive.

To stand out, aim to show yourself as a leader, taking initiative in answering questions and in tasks. However, don't take this so far that you come across as overly dominating or a bully. Give others a chance to speak and listen to what they have to say. When it's your opportunity to say something, do it with confidence.


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