Selling Kids’ Products: Reach the Parents First

Marketing children’s products can be a challenge. You may be sure the kids will love it, but how about the parents? How do you reach the customers with the purchasing power?

Parents want the best for their children, so they want to know they can trust your brand and product. Build trust by being transparent about how your product is made and what went into the planning of it and any safety features that are involved. If you or your colleagues have children and use the product with them, sharing this information generates confidence. Thoughtful positive reviews and photos from satisfied customers further boost your image as parents value other parents’ opinions.

Another way to reach parents, especially new parents, is through support and advice. Write well-researched blog posts with advice for parents or share helpful articles from experts to show you really care about parents and kids. Short motivational posts or comics demonstrating understanding of parents’ daily struggles also helps capture their attention.

With their busy schedules, parents spend a lot of time on their phones on the go rather than browsing a desktop, so make sure your website and ads are mobile-friendly. Consider developing an app to improve parents’ shopping experience. Even if you’re selling products in a physical store rather than online, studies have shown that young parents turn to their phones when out shopping, to make comparisons and look for reviews and deals. Try offering coupons and promotions in an app that can be applied in store.

And finally, make sure the whole experience is convenient for busy parents. Make it easy to create an account, instantly see what the product is and track orders. It should also be clear what ages the product is for and how it works. Parents don’t want to have to go through too many steps or ask questions of customer service. Your product should quickly impress them and continue to impress after they purchase.


Build trust in your brand
Offer support and advice
Focus on mobile marketing
Make the customer experience convenient