Creating Captivating Video Ads on a Budget

People are more likely to look at and click on a video ad than on a text ad, but video ads require lots of time and money. How can you make eye-catching videos on a budget?

Creating quality video content helps your product stand out from the competition, and it may help you get noticed in searches more easily without paying for advertising. When planning your video, brainstorm some keywords to use. For example, when people search for “how to…”, Google often puts videos in the top search results. If you can do an instructional video featuring your product or service, this could increase your views. “Reviews” or titles related to popular songs or films are also known as good video keywords. Check the Google Adwords keyword planner to see how your ideas rank.

Once you've narrowed down a few good ideas that are likely to rank high, choose the simplest. Consider the number of people needed, the equipment and the overall time it will take. A high quality video on a simple topic can be shot with just a simple, solid-colour background, one presenter, your product and a few additional props.

It's more important to invest in a high-quality microphone than in an expensive camera. This will guarantee good sound quality, getting your message across. A mid-range camera is sufficient for shooting video. You want the quality to be smooth and clear, but most people aren't watching video ads in high definition.

When you're coming up with the concept of a video, it's easy to imagine making magic happen with editing techniques, jumping from one scene to another. However, complicated editing can take many hours and requires professional skill. If you keep your concept simple, an editing app is all you need to give your video a polished finish. Be creative, but keep the focus on your target and leave out unnecessary elements.


Make smart use of keywords
Keep it simple
Invest in a high-quality microphone
Avoid complicated editing