Partner with Charities for a Win-Win

It's for a good cause! Motivate customers to try your product and share it while benefiting a charity of your choice. It's a win-win for your business and the charity.

When partnering with a charity, try to choose one that appeals to your target audience or is somehow related to your product or service. For example, select a children's charity if your target audience is parents, an animal charity if you're selling pet products, a food bank if you're a restaurant or sell food products. You could also choose to raise money for a timely cause, such as for victims of a natural disaster.

Consider how you can partner with your chosen charity for marketing collaborations. The charity could tag you as a sponsor, expanding your reach. You could also hold giveaways in which customers contribute a small amount to the charity to be entered.

Contributing to and partnering with a charity opens up many opportunities for networking. Not only do they expand your marketing reach, they also give you the chance to meet other sponsors you could possibly collaborate with. If you don't have the budget to act as a sponsor for charity, consider a team volunteering project. It gives your employees a chance to do good for others as well as network.

Support for a good cause brings positive awareness to your brand. Whether it's sponsoring events, donating a percentage of profits or volunteering, your brand will be associated with making a positive impact in the community. However, it's best if you do truly have a passion for the cause and are not just helping it for the publicity.

Customers appreciate transparency and want to know that their donations or support are actually going to the cause. Be careful not to be misleading. If you're donating profits to charity, say clearly what percentage you're donating and be open to showing proof. Additionally, check that your charity is transparent as well and that the organisation is effective at helping the cause.


Choosing a charity
Use a charity for marketing collaborations
Open up new opportunities for networking
Build positive brand awareness
Be transparent