Hitting the Mark with Your Target Audience

How can you narrow down your target audience and make your product irresistible to them? Here are some tips!

First, create a specific profile of who’s in your target audience and what they’re looking for. Consider age, stage of life, education, economic status, location, language, everything you can find out about them. Make sure not only your product suits their interests but also your overall tone of brand matches their profile to attract attention.

Complete additional research on what people from your audience are saying about your brand and products. Don’t just look at direct reviews or comments on your page. Search for hashtags and other mentions of your product online to gauge how interested your audience is and what areas you may need to improve on. You can also look at the hashtags your audience tends to use in general and consider adding some of those to your posts.

Look at your competition, whether direct competitors or brands with an audience that is similar to yours. Study their campaigns and see what works and what doesn’t. See which channels they’re using and whether they’re reaching a section of your audience you may not have thought of. Consider applying similar strategies to your own campaigns and also look for gaps where your product may have an advantage.

Carefully aim for the interests and challenges of your target audience. Are they a young, fun-loving group that enjoys humour, contests and bright colours? Or are they more sophisticated and looking for luxury? Is saving money a concern? Convenience? Caring for children? An aspirational lifestyle? Identifying key customer goals will help you fine tune your campaigns so they hit the mark.


Create a profile through research
Find out what people are saying about you
Check out the competition
Focus on interests and challenges