Educate Your Customers and Acquire More Sales

How can you interest customers in your product without making a hard sales pitch? Present it as an opportunity to learn something new!

People are bombarded with advertisements every day. If they’re not familiar with or actively interested in a product, they often ignore them. On the other hand, if they see an interesting fact or funny meme, they’re more likely to pause and read and perhaps share. Post fun facts related to your product; for example, how it’s made, its history or something about its uses. Be creative to make your post memorable and entertaining.

Create informative content such as how-to guides or useful hacks. For example, if you’re selling kitchen utensils or appliances, produce a recipe booklet. If you’re selling new technology, create a user friendly guide explaining step by step how your gadget or app helps save time compared to other methods. Putting this in pdf format is a good way to get customers’ contact information by asking them to sign up in order to download. However, if you want the content to be quickly accessible, article or blog format works well.

To get your customers to interact more and to find out what they know about your brand or product, try quizzes. Offer prizes for high scorers and encourage users to compete with their friends. The results will also let you know about common gaps in customer knowledge. You could address those areas of less knowledge with more informative content.

Finally, you can educate your customers with hands-on experiences at workshops either online or in person. At an in-person event, you can give customers a chance to try products in person and learn ways to use the products. Online workshops could include a demonstration, or they could also be offered to customers who have already purchased as a free bonus to introduce them to how to use their new product.


Share fun facts
Create informative Pdf's to download
Present interactive quizzes
Host workshops