Changing Your Mindset: How to Train Your Brain to Think Positively

When people surrounding you start to label you as the 'negative' one - it is time to change your mindset.

When you have a negative outlook on life, you will create your own misery and cast a shadow on yourself. Consequently, your negative mindset will affect your behaviour and mood in general. Do you want to be remembered as a pessimistic person by your social circle? Or do you want to change your outlook on life and start to think positively? Here's how you can begin to train your brain to cultivate a positive mindset.

As the saying goes, "Old habits die hard." When your old mindset starts to kick in - and indeed it will - you have to challenge your belief. For instance, are you looking for anything to criticise because you are not comfortable with a particular situation or person? You have to weigh out your thoughts against the evidence. By doing so, your mindset will start to evolve.

Start your day with a positive mindset routine. Make a mental list of the positive things that you are looking forward to for the day ahead. Besides that, you can also play positive videos or audiobooks that focus on positive messages and self-improvement. There is a saying by Buddha, "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most".

A simple gesture such as sending a thank you note can be empowering and creates goodwill in other people. Moreover, thank you notes will also make people feel appreciated, thus strengthening your relationships. By sending a quick email or a card, though a small gesture, you will create a lasting impact for you and your connections.

Consume yourself with positive media. Any media that emphasises the good in life is positive media. By immersing yourself with positive contents regularly, it will unconsciously change your mindset and become habitual in the long run. Hence, you will see the world through a different lens.

Improving your mindsets will take time. Nevertheless, by following these simple steps, you can start to train your brain to think positively and ultimately change your life for the better.


Weigh out your thoughts versus evidence
Create a positive mindset routine every morning
Send thank-you notes
Consume yourself with positive media