How to Bounce Back After Being Overwhelmed and Stressed

Do you start to feel overwhelmed when you think about everything that is on your plate?

As an entrepreneur, you often have a long to-do list that you have to complete every single day. Sometimes, you may feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders as you are drowning in tasks. When you feel overwhelmed, it can create a plethora of negative emotions, namely anxiety and irritability. Therefore, you have to minimize your stress level by following these strategies.

Taking a deep, long breath sounds simple, but it is an essential step to relax. A deep breath is a part of a technique known as the relaxation response. There are several ways to induce a relaxation response such as practising mindfulness, tai chi and yoga.

When your brain is overloaded with information, you tend to start feeling overwhelmed. So, what is the fast and straightforward solution to clear up your mind? Take a pen and write down your thoughts. If you are mentally juggling a long list of tasks, you can start by getting those tasks out of your head by writing them down. After that, you can begin finishing those tasks accordingly.

Having a vision or goals is commendable. However, it would be best if you also focused on the process of getting towards your goals. By realistically focusing on the journey towards achieving your aim instead of the outcome, you can avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed when things don't go your way.

According to research by Stanford University, multitasking reduces productivity and increases the chance of making mistakes. The truth is our mind is programmed to deal with one thing at a time. Though we may think that by multitasking we can be more productive, scientific evidence points to the contrary. Focusing on a single task can improve productivity and reduce our overall stress level.

It can be relatively easy to feel overwhelmed as an entrepreneur. If you let your feelings spiral out of control, your mental and physical wellbeing will get affected as well. Hence, when you start to feel stress, go through the above strategies to help clear your mind.


Take a deep breath
Write down your thoughts or tasks
Focus on the process, not the outcome
Avoid multitasking