Why Time-Based Management is Rewarding Incompetency

Digital transformation is essential for companies to stay relevant in the modern age.

Amidst Covid-19, more entrepreneurs have realized that digital transformation is more crucial than ever to ensure the survival of their company's future. However, digitalization is an expansive process to undertake. So, where do we begin to start the digital transformation process?

The first thing to do is to set realistic digital transformation goals. What do you want to accomplish from the digitization process of your company? Some entrepreneurs strive to achieve a competitive edge as their central motivation for digital transformation. Others, digitally transform their companies to provide a better value to their customers by offering new products or services.

Before you start to shift your business's digital landscape, access the existing technological tools that are already in place throughout your organizations. You can work with the department heads and team leaders to identify specific inefficiencies that you can aim to overcome through digital transformation. With a centralized digital transformation plan, your investment will be worthwhile.

While digital transformation represents a technological shift in your company, it also involves cultural changes as well. You may need support from the highest levels of leadership, especially in the early stages. Most importantly, it would help if you are prepared to demonstrate the positive impacts of taking your operations digitally to the company.

Realistically, any changes to the traditional way a company operates are going to have detractors. By adopting a sudden digital transformation shift to the company, it will attract nay-sayers that are resistant to change. Hence, it will be advisable to start your digitalization journey with a small digital project. Despite a simple digital shift, it will be good entry points for further digitalization of other business processes.

Digital transformation provides stability and competitive advantage to companies in order to survive unprecedented challenges. A simple digitization process, such as digitizing paper workflows, can immediately reduce costs and improve security. Plus, getting started is a matter of taking it one step at a time by gradually changing your business operations towards further digital transformation downstream.


Set your digital transformation goals
Determine the pain points in your operating system that you plan to improve
Get management leaders on board
Start with a small digital project