Future of Work: In-Demand Career Field in 2025

The future of work is rapidly changing. Today “safe bet” jobs may not be relevant in the near future.

Two-thirds of Americans believe that in the next 50 years, humans will lose their jobs via automation. Even positions such as office workers or administrative personnel will be at risk, according to the World Economic Forum's report. Therefore, it is paramount that we prepare ourselves to thrive in future work environments. In light of this, what are the in-demand and marketable career fields in 2025?

Since technological advancements are growing by the minute, jobs involving technology and computational skill will naturally be in demand. Moreover, “computational thinking” which is the ability to sort a massive amount of data and pattern will be highly valued. As such, computer system analyst and market research analyst will increase by 20.9% and 18.6% respectively by 2024.

The health care sector is another industry that is poised for growth. More people are living longer than before due to the rapid modernization of our medical understanding, equipment, and other forms of automation. Consequently, there will also be a demand for caregivers, as the population is growing and living longer. Jobs such as medical technicians, workplace ergonomics experts and physical therapists will be among the hot field's jobs.

It will take a long time for robots to acquire soft skills such as emotional intelligence. Jobs that require social intelligence and media literacy are among the career fields that could not be replaced by robots anytime soon. Hence, sales and related jobs will grow globally. In fact, retail and sales representatives' positions will increase by 6.4%, while customer service representatives will be projected to grow by 18.6% in 2024.

With the world moving at a rapid pace, we need to upgrade our skills and knowledge constantly. However, more often than not, we do not have enough time to learn. As such, we can use technology to find the best sources of information. For instance, during your 10 minutes commute, you can pull up an app and start learning mini bite-sized chunks of information on the go. Therefore, education and training will be among the top career fields by 2025.


Technology and computational career
Caregiving and health-related career
Social intelligence and media literacy career
Education and training