The Ultimate Habits That Can Improve Your Happiness and Success

Happy and successful people have a different set of habits than ordinary people.

What makes you happy and successful? What is the difference between happy people and miserable people? The answer is surprisingly straightforward – it all boils down to their habits. Happy people practice happiness-inducing habits while miserable people engage in misery-inducing habits.

Happy people tend to savour the moment. They take their time to stop and smell the roses. Researchers coined this as an act of 'savouring,' which means paying attention to the present while appreciating and thoroughly enjoying life's positive experience.

Besides that, happy people practice meditation, which is a powerful technique to increase your general wellbeing and happiness. Neuroscientists concluded that by practicing meditation daily, we could permanently rewire our brains to raise our body's happiness level.

A rich social life and healthy relationships are also a source of happiness. Happy people are always striving to nurture and improve their relationships. They often celebrate other people's success by promoting an active and constructive response to the people around them.

There is an ancient Hindu proverb that goes, "True happiness consists of making others happy." Happy people are always ready to help others. Being helpful and generous are among the cornerstones of true happiness. One study of 2,800 young adult Americans demonstrated that volunteering had increased their overall happiness, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.

Happy people also reward themselves for maintaining good habits. When they treat themselves, it will boost their self-command; thus, they can successfully maintain their healthy habits. Studies also show that by giving ourselves a treat, we gained more self-control.

Everyone wants to be happy and successful; that is a given. You can start the next step forward by mirroring the habits listed above. To make your experience more doable, you can begin by mastering one habit before moving on to the next one. You'll undoubtedly be surprised by the result.


They savour the moment
They practice meditation
They often celebrate other people's success
They always help others
They reward themselves