Choosing the Right Venue for Your Company Conference

The annual company conference is an important event, which is why you need to be cautious in selecting the right venue.

Choosing the right venue can make the difference between the success and failure of your company conference. You need to weigh up several things before you make a decision, because too many organisations make a snap choice and go on to regret it on the day of the event.

Firstly, think about accessibility. Not everyone will have access to a car, so you need to ensure the venue has good transport links nearby and that it's relatively close to where the majority of people live. That's easier said than done, but if a venue is close enough to where your offices are based, then people will probably be happy to commute an extra couple of miles on the day.

If you do choose to host your event further afield, check out the local accommodation. If you're hosting it in a hotel, you're probably fine, but If you aren't, ensure there are plenty of lodgings nearby which will suit all budgets.

Never book a venue without seeing it in person, because you want to know the space available to you will be big enough. You also want to check out the facilities – can they handle catering? Do they have all the audio and visual equipment you're going to need? What's the parking like?

Finally, try to choose a venue which will give you a chance to promote your organisation through branding opportunities. That could be mini advertising boards in the foyer or signs in the lifts, anything which will catch the eye of people unrelated to the event.

Visit multiple venues before you choose, and weigh up your options with care.


Consider accessibility
Think about local accommodation
Check out the facilities in person
Ask about branding opportunities