How to Job Hunt When You're Blind

Being visually impaired doesn't hold you back in any way, your perfect job is out there waiting for you.

Job hunting is never easy, but when you're blind or visually impaired, it can seem doubly hard. You should never be made to feel that sight loss holds you back, have confidence that the perfect job is out there if you search for it in the right way. It's all about knowing how and where to search while having a positive attitude about your skills and talents.

To start, remember that vision is just one sense and there are jobs out there which don't rely on eyesight. Other professions will value other senses more. Massage therapy, for example, relies solely on touch. Telemarketing or call centre work demands speech and sound. Teaching music is both sound- and touch-based.

It's also worth considering employment agencies and organisations which support people with sight loss. Some agencies specialise in placing people with a range of disabilities and impairments, so connect with them and they may be able to match you to a fantastic job and employer. The same goes for sight loss organisations, who often have a department dedicated to employment.

If you get offered an interview, seize the opportunity to stress your skills and capability. Just because you lack vision doesn't mean you aren't up to the job. You never know, sighted employers may well be impressed how quickly you can master everyday tasks. Sighted people may have the eyesight, but most lack the insight into blindness.

If nothing comes from searching, then consider self-employment. Think about your unique skill set and what you could bring to the market. Working for yourself is fantastic and there are plenty of blind entrepreneurs to take inspiration from.


Some occupations rely on other senses
Consider employment agencies and sight-loss organisations
Stress your capabilities
Think about self-employment