How Offering New Experiences Could Help Your Company Grow

By giving people more of an 'experience' when they interact with your brand, you could see your business grow.

People expect more from brands now there's opportunity for personalised interactions. It's no longer enough to just sell someone a product, because people want a complete 'experience' resulting in making some sort of emotional connection, rather than being treated as a walking wallet or simply a customer number.

Adding a personal touch to your services and products can make a massive difference to gaining and retaining customers, helping your business grow. Even small gestures such as including a thank you note with an online purchase dispatch can help. If the data you gather on customers includes their birth date, then sending a birthday email with a discount code would make them feel more valued. Little acts like that add up and create goodwill.

You could also think about diversifying the experience for customers, by offering them little extra bonuses as a reward for their loyalty. Free, private online workshops or product demonstrations can not only help you sell, but they engage customers on a whole new level. What they can also provide is a sense of the faces behind the brand – people like that human connection and it makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Being able to offer something which is totally unique reels people in. They want to be immersed in the experience of shopping with you, and that means more than just straightforward selling. Providing a proper 'experience' means giving them a good time throughout their customer journey, by going above and beyond to make them feel special.


Customers want to feel valued as individuals
Add a personal touch as often as you can
Diversify what you offer using online content
Offer something unique to your brand