What Should You Consider When Hiring an Intern?

Hiring an intern can be tricky when there are so many good candidates before you. Who should you give that golden opportunity to?

Interns can be an incredibly valuable asset to your company, but with so many great candidates, you need to choose wisely. You should look for someone who has the full package and will throw themselves into the role, so there are a few things you want to consider during the recruitment process.

Firstly, think about why exactly you want to hire an intern and what role they will perform within your company. You have to be clear on the criteria in your own mind before you start recruiting, otherwise you won't know which boxes the candidates need to tick.

Once you have the applicants in front of you, digging into their skillset is really important. Because internships tend to be short in nature, they're going to have very little time to develop the skills you need on the job – if they don't already have them, you're unlikely to be able to train them up before it's time for them to move on.

As well as the skills, they need to have the right attitude. Someone who is enthusiastic and eager to learn is ideal, if you can find them. Think about how they will fit in with others on the team and how they will take to the workplace culture.

If they look like a good fit, is there potential for a longer-term relationship? You may be looking to fill a vacancy, if not now then some time in the future. Or you may decide to extend their internship. Either way, choose a well-rounded candidate you'd be happy to work with and mentor.


Define why you need an intern
Explore their skillset in depth
Ensure they have the right attitude
Ask if there could be a longer-term relationship