How to Job Hunt When You Have Down's Syndrome

Don't let having Down's Syndrome be a barrier to finding a job you love.

If you have Down's Syndrome and want to work, then your condition shouldn't get in the way of you following your ambitions. You have just as many unique skills and talents as someone without Down's Syndrome, it's simply a case of finding the right type of role and the right employer. There may be hurdles on the way to your perfect job but don't fear, it's out there.

You might want to start by approaching the WorkFit programme. This is a scheme which brings together employers and those with Down's Syndrome, and it's tailored to ensure you find a job which suits you and a workplace that can provide all the support you might need.

Supported employment doesn't have to be forever, but it's a great first step. Companies of all sizes are signed up to WorkFit, including big multinationals. If you're paired with the right employer, you'll learn all sorts of things to start you on your long-term career. There will be training opportunities to help you learn new skills and you'll gain valuable experience, as well as growing in confidence.

Remember, there are laws in place which mean you shouldn't be discriminated against. There are also organisations out there which are right behind you, including the Down's Syndrome Association.

Once you've got a foot on the career ladder, you can start to follow your goals. Whatever sector you're interested in and whatever sort of work you want to do, if you set your mind to it then you'll get there. Have the confidence and drive and there are no barriers to success.


You have your own skills and talents
You just need to find the right employer and role
Explore the WorkFit programme to be matched with a job
You're protected by discrimination laws
Have the confidence and drive, you will succeed