How do You Fill Those Hard to Fill Roles?

Some positions are harder to fill than others, so how do you attract suitable candidates and get someone into a hard to fill role?

Sometimes you find you have a vacancy which seems impossible to fill. Either you don't attract the right candidates or there's no interest at all, but either way, you're left with a problem on your hands. The job needs doing, but how do you find someone who will not only be the perfect fit, but will stick it out once they're in the role?

Perhaps the best place to start is by examining the job description more thoroughly, because it might be putting people off. Instead of a great long list of the qualities you're looking for and the responsibilities the job entails, you need to hook them with something eye-catching. People want to know about the perks, the interesting tasks they might be set and the chances for career progression. Tell them what they want to hear and they'll be reeled in.

Next, cast your net wider when you open your recruitment drive. Take to all social media platforms to heavily promote the vacancy, and ask your employees for referrals. You never know when an existing member of staff might have a friend or contact who could be interested, so the answer may be right in front of you.

Finally, think about recruiting from universities and colleges. Young people are often desperate for the opportunity to get a foot in the door, whether you take them on as a full-time employee or as an intern working for a period of months.

If you approach those hard to fill roles with a more open mind and a positive attitude, you'll soon find the ideal candidate.


Make the job description more eye-catching
Leverage social media
Ask for employee referrals
Approach people at the start of their careers
Be more open-minded