Psychological Strategies that You Can Deploy in Marketing to Boost Sales

The simple secret to being great at sales is understanding people. There are ways to understand why people buy things on a psychological level.

A proven psychological strategy called foot-in-door technique is one of the great ways to boost sales. This technique shows that if people have already made a smaller commitment to your product, they’ll likely take a much bigger commitment. Start off by asking them to sign up for something small (maybe even free) then when they commit, move on to something bigger.

Behavioural psychology pretty much states that humans are social beings and want to be a part of a group and mimic the behaviours of the members to be accepted. Using this to your advantage you can get them to buy your products by emphasising on the number of other people in their social group who have purchased the same products.

Human beings are more likely to remember visual information than any other form. Based on a 2008 study, it shows that people have the ability to remember images at a high level of detail. So, advertisements using images and graphics are more successful than ones with just words.

This next strategy has probably happened to you before – the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. This is when people notice something new and all of a sudden they keep seeing it everywhere. This is because once you’ve learned something new, subconsciously you’ll always be looking for it. This is a great way to increase sales, the only thing you’ll need to ensure is that your product gets the attention of the customer.

Psychological strategies are very useful in understanding how and why customers make a purchase. Utilising them gives you the upper-hand in ensuring brand visibility increases in return boosting your sales.


Foot-in-door technique
Behavioural psychology
Visual information
Baader-Meinhof phenomenon