The Perfect Recipe for an Effective Sales Pitch

A great sales pitch can sell sand to someone living by the beach. It doesn't have to be in an hours long presentation.

The best sales pitches are short and clear. People don't have the best attention span. If you can’t get their attention and keep it in the first 30 seconds, you’ve most likely lost their interest. Keeping it short allows you to focus on the important and not get carried away talking. Making it clear allows their interest to be peaked immediately getting them hooked to what is said.

Tell them who your customers are. This doesn't mean list a whole load of clients you have, rather who are the people buying your products i.e. people looking to improve their health, finances, etc. specifying this allows you to know if they'll be interested and it shows them why they should be interested.

Bring out their problem, nicely. If you're selling a solution you need to tell them what their problems are, even if they don't know it yet. Knowing and addressing their problems gets them immediately interested because it resonates with something they need fixed.

Related to that, once you’ve listed down their problems, tell them how your products or services are the answer to solve them. This is where you start closing the deal subconsciously. Pick your unique selling points and strong suits and focus in on them.

Once that’s been established, show them what the success of your product will look like for them. Imagining may be hard for some, so you have to pen it out. Give them a visual idea of how using your product benefits them.

Perfecting your sales pitch can be seen as an art form. Having the tricks and traits at your fingertips will have you closing deals like Richard Branson.


Keep it short and clear
Tell them who your customers are
Highlight their problems
Tell them why your product is the perfect solution
Give them a visual of what the success of your product will look like