What’re the Best Follow-Up Techniques After Sales

Sales are exceedingly important for the growth of a company, it is the very thing that rakes in revenue. Sales doesn’t have to end after the transaction is completed.

Simple follow-ups can help garner more sales in the future. One of the best ways is to send a little thank you note. This can be done via email, or attached to the product they’ve just received. Add on the information of a person they can contact in case there are inquiries or issues.

Another great follow-up technique is checking in. About a week or two after the sale check in to see if all is good with the product and if they are happy with it. Get some feedback on the service provided and see if there are any questions that you can help them with. Do not try and pitch another product during this time, the focus is them and how the product benefits them.

Now that you’ve kept the line of communication open in a respectful and beneficial way for the customers you can start thinking about your second sale. Regular communication with them gives you insights to what they might need, so this makes it easier to pitch a service or product that is most suited for them.

The other technique that you can use is to ask for referrals. Promotion through word of mouth carries more weight. A happy customer will be more than willing to refer you to others because they know the quality of your product and how well it has served them.

Showing you care and want to improve your services ensures your customers are happy and satisfied with your product. It makes customers more loyal and increases the chances of them being regular clients.


Send thank you notes and contact information
Check in to see if all is okay with the product or service
Start making your pitch for another sale
Ask them for referrals