What Can You Do When Working from Home is Not for You?

Your company decides to switch to a remote workforce post-pandemic, but you prefer working in an office–so what can you do?

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have committed to letting their employees to work from home permanently, if they opt to do so. Suppose this is not the case for your company and you do not have an option to choose. Ergo, you have to adapt to working remotely as this decision can leave a significant impact on your career and personal life. Here are a few things that you can change to make the best out of working remotely.

One reason why working from home may dishearten you is due to the members of your household. You may have faced several difficulties focusing on your work when there are a lot of distractions in your house. Consider working with other members of your household, such as your spouse or housemates, in making flexible adjustments.

You can always talk to your boss regarding your predicament. A remote arrangement may not be the best for everyone, but your boss should be able to help you with the transition. Have an open discussion with your boss regarding expectations, goals, communication and so forth.

The next thing to do is to set the right equipment for your workspace in your home. If you are comfortable with the workspace in your office, try to recreate the design and atmosphere in your home. You can also opt for a co-working space if your employer is willing to cover the membership fee. However, having the right equipment, namely ergonomic chair, laptop, keyboard, and many more are essential for you to be productive.

Besides that, to work your best, you will need a better Internet connection. A fast internet connection may probably be one of the reasons why you prefer working in an office. When you work from home permanently, you can ask for a better Wi-Fi package from your employer or for them to provide you with a mobile hotspot plan.

Though working from home is not for everyone, you can take on the challenge. Everyone hates sudden changes, but this may be an excellent opportunity to break out of your comfort zone.


Work with other members of your household
Talk to your boss
Set the right equipment for your workspace
Set a better Internet connection