Maintaining Customer Loyalty

Once you've captured your customers' interest and made the first sale, how can you make sure they keep coming back for more?

While it may seem obvious, reliability is key. If customers expect a certain standard of quality and service from you, those expectations should be met each and every time. Adding value to exceed those expectations such as shipping faster than promised or extra-special packaging will impress them even more.

However, mistakes do happen and if your service falls short, it's important to make it easy for customers to contact you so that you can solve the problem. Automated emails or an endless cycle of recorded messages on the phone only adds to customer frustration. However, if they reach a real, understanding person, they're much more likely to keep a favourable view of the company.

Rewards and incentive programmes also encourage customers to return. The gamification of collecting rewards points might push them to put one more item in the cart or come back the next week to place a second order. VIP service for long-term customers also makes them feel special and connected to your brand.

Make your brand foremost in your customers' minds by staying in touch with them. Don't send so many emails as to be annoying, but timely reminders including special offers tailored to their interests will keep them hooked. Send separate email campaigns to repeat customers to show your appreciation for their business.

You can also show your appreciation by demonstrating that you care about what's important to your customers. Conduct feedback surveys to find out what customers like and how they think you can improve. If customers submit valuable feedback on a form, try to reply to them so they know it was well received and implemented. Valued customers become loyal customers!


Meet and exceed expectations
Make it easy to contact a human being
Reward their loyalty
Stay in touch
Value their feedback