Motivating Employees While Working Remotely

With remote work becoming more common and even a necessity in some instances, managers face new challenges. How can you adapt and keep your employees motivated from home?

Studies have shown that employees who have freedom of choice in their work are more motivated. That is, those who were working from home or from the office by choice were more motivated than those who had no choice about their work environment. While you may not be able to have a choice in their environment, you can still give employees a sense of empowerment by allowing a flexible schedule and being open to feedback on how they can better work together remotely.

It's important not only to keep everyone focused on goals, but also to motivate them to find new solutions to problems. When adapting to a new schedule and environment, it can be tempting to only do the minimum amount of work to stay afloat. However, rather than just trying to barely meet targets, take this as an opportunity to expand and find new outlets for growth. Encourage innovative solutions to challenges faced.

While some employees like the chance to work independently, many miss the collaboration of working with colleagues. To provide opportunities to share, have regular meetings where employees can give input on things they've learned and how they've overcome any problems or difficulties. They can also raise any issues for discussion to make sure all needs are being met.

Even remotely, you and your employees can stay engaged as a team. Create a feeling of excitement about what you're working on and highlight progress. Encourage your employees to see what they've contributed and where you're going as a company.


Give employees freedom to choose
Focus on goals and problem solving
Provide opportunities to share
Stay engaged