Five must-have skills to invest in yourself while running a startup

The early phase of a startup is the most challenging time for an entrepreneur. There will be learning curves, mistakes to learn, and skills to invest in yourself.

In the early startup stage, entrepreneurs typically have to wear multiple hats. You will be doing a little bit of everything and overseeing the work of others. You have to make tough decisions; thus, essential business skills are crucial for an entrepreneur.

The first essential skill is marketing. A powerful marketing strategy can attract an expansive customer base and will bring profit to the company. Most entrepreneurs have a sound background in marketing before running a business. In 2020, an effective modern marketing strategy includes the use of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, to name just a few.

The next valuable skill to have when running a startup is sales skills. As an entrepreneur, sales skills are a must, especially when you have a physical product to sell. You also have to differentiate when to use hard sell or soft sell to get your customer's attention.

As an entrepreneur, customer service skills are tremendously essential. You have to know how to handle customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints without burning any bridges. Additionally, if your customer service skills are excellent, your customers will keep on coming back.

Adaptability is one of the examples of must-have soft business skills. Entrepreneurs have to be adaptable to keep the business alive through challenging times. For instance, during the pandemic, most businesses were affected, but adaptable businesses thrived nonetheless.

Last but not least, creativity is also a valuable skill for entrepreneurs. With a creative mind, entrepreneurs can think outside the box and solve complicated problems with unique solutions. Some entrepreneurs use social media as a medium to channel their creativity and promote their businesses.

In short, as an entrepreneur, you must always keep on learning and upgrading your existing skills. Hard and soft business skills are equally paramount in running a successful startup.


Marketing skills
Sales aptitude
Client servicing professionalism