How to Start a Freelancing Business From Zero

If you think that just because you have zero experience in the freelancing business is equal to zero clients, then you are likely to be wrong.

Everyone starts from zero; the same goes to venturing into freelancing. The known perk of being a successful freelancer is being able to work independently, anywhere around the world. If that intrigues you, let's start with a few steps on how to start freelancing.

Firstly, prioritise experience over paychecks during your first few months as a freelancer. Yes, you may earn slightly lower than you had expected but, as a new freelancer, experience and contacts are much more valuable in the long run. So, take into account the bigger picture when starting your freelancing career.

Think about the existing, unique skills that you have. Since you have zero experience as a freelancer, it will help if you can promote skills that you already possess. For instance, if you're knowledgeable in health science, you could be at an advantage as a photographer for hospital-related projects in particular. Thus, list down all of your unique skills in your portfolio.

Create a website to showcase your portfolio of work. A professional website is also a way for a potential client to find you, and it can also provide an easy way to introduce yourself, your skills and perhaps your pricing.

Leverage your network for word-of-mouth marketing. When you first start, you may have to market yourself to your existing networking circle. Your contacts are likely to have acquaintances that could be interested in trying out your service.

Finally, take some time and learn about the freelancing business with a fellow freelancer. You can learn some valuable insight, advice, and tips regarding the freelance sector. You can also get yourself a mentor in this industry to try and guide you on how to navigate through the ups and downs of the freelancing business.

In short, starting a freelancing business from zero is doable, though there are obvious challenges that come with it. Ultimately, you have to know your skills, market yourself and be consistent in your work to be a successful freelancer.


Prioritize experience over a paycheck
List down existing, unique skills that you have
Create a website
Use your network for marketing
Learn with other freelancers