How to Ensure Your CV Gets Past the Algorithm

Recruiters often use algorithms to filter out unsuitable candidates. With some smart tactics, you can beat the machine.

The vast majority of HR departments now use artificial intelligence to filter out unsuitable candidates early on in the process. Despite it being common practice, many candidates are still surprised to learn that fact. If you want to make it to the interviews, then getting past the algorithm software is essential.

It's sad to say, but 80% of the time your CV will never even be seen by human eyes. That's because the bot has already said 'no'. Most companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to weed out candidates who don't fit the bill, but there are ways to defeat them...

First, remember the importance of keywords. Examine the job ad and highlight those words which are most valued, particularly under skills. You need to bounce them back to the bot if you want to succeed, because the AI is programmed to pick them up.

Keep your formatting simple, because hard-to-read fonts can make it difficult for the ATS to read. The technology isn't as clever as it likes to think, so simplify your layout and stick to fonts such as Ariel or Times.

Think about the application job title and make sure it's reflected in your past employment. The AI wants to pick up on previous examples in a similar role, so if you're going for a sales position, make sure 'sales' is used frequently.

Finally, proof-read. If your CV is full of typos then no computer is going to be able to read it and you won't get through.

Keep things simple, clear and full of keywords, if you want to beat the algorithm.


Keywords are crucial
Keep your formatting simple
Reference the job title in past experience
Read, read and read again