How to Tell When It's Time to Move on

Unfulfilled, a lack of career progression, poor workplace culture? All are valid reasons for moving on to pastures new. But how do you know when it's the right time to change jobs?

Changing jobs is difficult, but you can be left feeling that there's no other option. Sometimes you just have to move on. Whether it's because you're not finding the work challenging enough or because there's a toxic environment, recognising you're unhappy or unfulfilled is a key step to making the big decision to quit.

So when should you change jobs? One of the biggest signs you should make the move is if you're feeling stressed all the time. Stress can have a damaging long-term impact on both mental and physical health, so staying in a job which is upping your stress levels is a bad idea. The early signs of stress can include irritability, lack of sleep and generally feel down, so if you tick any of those boxes, think about making the move.

Another good reason to move on is if you no longer believe in the company you work for. We all start a new job full of idealism and hope, and in a good workplace those feelings last. If you don't feel that same sense of optimism, of going in the right direction, then it's hard to find a good reason to stay.

Another motivator for leaving could be that the atmosphere has turned negative. This can happen for all sorts of reasons, but virtually everyone will have sensed it. When you start to dread turning up each day and facing your colleagues, enough is probably enough.

You may also want to quit if the leadership is poor. Whether the boss is just incompetent or they're an outright bully, they've given you little reason to remain loyal and stick with the job. Strong and fair leadership is crucial, and if it's lacking in your company, then find somewhere which does have it.

Finally, it may be that you've simply outgrown the role. Perhaps the work no longer challenges and interests you, perhaps you're tired of being lower down the pecking order and want to climb the career ladder. You can be perfectly happy with the company, but if the work has started to feel repetitive and limiting, then seek out something more mentally stimulating.

Changing jobs is a big decision, and one you're not likely to make without carefully thinking through your options. Consider the toll your current post is taking on you – if it's too high, move on.


Stress and anxiety
You no longer believe in the company
Toxic atmosphere
Poor leadership
You've outgrown the role